A day trip to Lake Como

Day trip to Lake ComoView of Lake ComoItalian houses at lake comoMoonriver Jumpsuit and rattan bagStreets in BellagioMoonriver striped jumpsuitPostcard and news stand at Lake ComoBellagio at Lake ComoOld hotel at lake Comoboating on lake comoView of Bellagio

One of the (more or less) hidden gems of Europe is Lake Como. Located in the north of Italy, about 40 minutes away from Milan, the lake is becoming more and more popular or it’s beauty, nature and it’s luxury hotels.

I first went to Como in 2016 and when I planned my trip to Milan this year I definitely wanted to go back to Como.

You can take the train from Milano Centrale to either Lecco or Varenna, it takes you about 40 minutes to get there. We decided to go to Lecco and then take the ferry to Bellagio and then to Varenna from where we took the train back to Milan. In Lecco we had some icecream at Groms (one of their stores has just opened in Piccadilly) and then we had a coffee at the ferry house. The ferry to Bellagio takes about an hour but it is definitely worth it. Bellagio has many colorful houses and it is really pretty. We went to a restaurant, had some pasta and then went to a walk across the town. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good that day. It started to rain and we decided to take the ferry back to Varenna.

Even though we just went for a few hours it was definitely worth it and I will come back again next year.



A weekend trip to Milan

Weekend trip MilanStriped asos dress in MilanAperol at Terrazza AperolDuomo di Milano and plantsPiazza di Duomo MilanoBridge in Navigli / MilanStreets of MilanVertical Garden in MilanOutfit in front of City Life / MilanAsos artistic Tshit and rattan bagRattan bag and levi's shortsStreets of Milan / ItalyGelato store in Milan

One of my very first blog posts was my trip to Milan and Como in 2016. Now – two years later – I went back and I had the best time!

When I moved to London I lived in an Airbnb for the first few weeks. I shared it with three Italian guys. One night we had some pizza and one of them showed me some Italian music. Being a huge fan of Chiara Ferragni I had already heard of Fedez, however, I had not really listened to his music. I told a friend, who I met in Milan last time, about it and he mentioned that Fedez and  J-ax would be playing a show in San Siro. My friend and I decided to go there, so I booked my flight and planned my trip.

The concert was on a Friday and since Francesco, my Italian friend, worked I decided to “explore” the city by myself. I still remembered some places from my last trip and even though I’ve been there before, the Duomo was my first stop. I bought some icecream and just enjoyed the sun, while probably looking like a real tourist.

In the evening I went to San Siro to meet up with Francesco and to watch the concert. Even though I only understand a bit of Italian, I still had a great time.

The following day we went to Lake Como, but I will write a seperate post about that.

On Sunday we rented bikes and cycled into the city centre. We had aperitivo at the Aperol terrace, which hands down has the best view! After starting the day with a drink we had napolitan pizza for lunch. I love food, but I love nothing as much as I love some good napolitan pizza.

We walked through Moscova and Porta Nuova, had some gelato at the cutest ice cream store I’ve ever seen and then took the metro to CityLife.  The weather was so so nice and I tried (hard) to get a bit of a tan.

Sadly my flight back was on Monday night already (since I work Tue-Sat). I had some more gelato, some more pizza and some sushi (super Italian, I know), went to Garibaldi, had some coffee and bought some gifts for my colleagues and flatmates and headed to the airport.

Those of you who read my blog since the beginning might remember that the last time I was in Milan my flight home got cancelled and I arrived 8 hours late. This time it was delayed by two hours and when I arrived in Heathrow the tube, coaches and trains weren’t running anymore. So I had to get a cab home. Turns out I’ll have to live on bread and water for the rest of the month ( or at least until British Airways pays me back the cab costs lol).



Welcome to London

London underground and outfit

I’m sorry for not being active in the last weeks. As you might know, I left Berlin for good and moved to London. Something that’s always been a dream of mine.

  • December 22nd: I sent out my job application
  • January 19th: Got accepted for the job
  • January 21st: Flew to London
  • January 21st: Viewed an apartment
  • January 24th: Signed my apartment contract
  • January 25th: First day at work
  • February 5th: Moved into the apartment

It all went by pretty fast and I was super lucky that everything turned out the way it did. It is really hard to find a landlord who allows you to bring a pet. Luckily my landlord was really understanding and allowed me to take my dog with me.

Which is also super complicated! You can’t fly to the UK with a pet and you can’t take the Eurostar. The only way to bring your pet to the UK is by car. Which brings me to my next problem. I am 23 and I have a German driving license. However, most car rental companies want you to be 25+ years or expect you to pay a huge amount of money.

But don’t worry – Lumos is coming here by the end of the month.

I will definitely be more active now. I will provide you guys with the whole “Welcome to London” package including:

  • An apartment tour
  • Things I wish I knew before moving here
  • My favourite places in London
  • What and where to eat in London
  • How to bring your dog to the UK




Inside a coffee roastery

Inside a coffee roastery

If you live in Berlin or if you’re into good coffee, you’ve probably stumbled over THE BARN at least once. The first time I did, was when I was picking a friend up, to drive her to the airport, but we decided to get coffee first. Even though we just got a to-go coffee I still really liked the place. The next time I was at their coffee shop, the one in Auguststraße that is, I asked Danny to take a picture of me while I was sitting in the window. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen the picture, if you didn’t – and you really should – here it is:

sitting in window at THE BARN in Berlin

Shortly after I posted the picture I got an email from Flo, who works for THE BARN. He asked me if I would like to do a collaboration with them, we met a couple days later and he told me some things about their brand, their coffee and their concept.

When I work with brands, it’s really important for me to be honest with you guys. I would never promote something that I don’t use or don’t like.

That’s also what I told Flo, I told him “I love your coffee shops, but I have to be honest, I don’t know much about coffee and I don’t drink it on a daily basis. For me it’s something special, that I only drink at coffee shops, it’s something I enjoy.” Lucky for me he didn’t mind and we decided that it was a good idea for him to show me their roastery and teach me a thing or two about coffee.

A couple of weeks later Danny and I went to their main store, which is also their roastery. Flo offered us a cup of coffee and told us about the kind of beans that were used for it.

As I mentioned before, neither I nor Danny are coffee experts, and they were prepared for that. Turns out they have little cards with information about every roast already prepared. The cards feature information about the country of origin, the flavour, the harvest and the producer. One thing I especially liked was that they had a comparison for the taste. The taste of the coffee we had could be compared to the taste of grapes or nut pralines. For someone like us, who don’t know much about coffee, this is a great help. Especially if you buy it for someone else and you don’t know what kind of coffee they like. But if you know whether they prefer a fruity or a creamy taste, you have better chances of picking the right choice.

Details at THE BARN in Berlin

He told us that he and his co-workers visited the farms that they work with. Which is something that I think you’re kind of obligated to do if you produce outside of Europe. THE BARN works with many smaller farms around the world, which I think is great, because the quality is better and it also helps those farms.

roasting coffee beans at THE BARN in Berlin

Coffee roastery in Berlin

We got introduced to their headroaster and he showed us their roastery. Maybe you’ve seen a roasting machine (pictured below) somewhere before. Danny and I did, but we were completely wrong about how it works. We thought the beans are being roasted in the big “carousel” on the bottom. WRONG. They are being roasted inside the big drum. The “carousel” is only used to cool them down afterwards. You can see the colour of the beans before roasting in the little window. The beans on the bottom are already roasted and have the typical “coffee” colour.

Roasting coffee beans at THE BARN in Berlin

Coffee beans being roasted

After they are cooled down they are transferred to the packaging area. The beans are filled into paper bags and are sealed. The whole process is made by hand, which I think is so cool in a time where you have machines for literally anything.

Coffee sa

We were told that the company ships beans to countries all over the world. To our surprise, Kuwait was one of the best costumers. Apparently, the people there drink a lot of espressos.

THE BARN in BerlinGrinding coffee at THE BARN in Berlin

One thing I love about coffee is that there are just so many ways to drink it. No matter if you’re an  Espresso-, Americano-, or Latte-Macchiato-person, you will find the right cup of coffee here.

I ALWAYS drink Latte Macchiato, I’m more of a softie and I like it a bit more creamy.

Danny, on the other hand, likes to drink cappuccino or hand brew the best.

If you’re a “beginner” and you don’t know what is what, just ask. The guys and girls who work for the barn know their business and will surely help you to find the perfect drink for you.

THE BARN in Berlincakes at THE BARN in Berlin

If you visit their stores you have to try out the carrot cake. It’s hands down one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever eaten, and believe me, I ate a lot of carrot cake in my life. Flo told us that the recipe for the cake is originally from the owner’s mother, isn’t that cool? I wish my mum could make that great carrot cake (sorry mum).


We really loved this “look behind the scenes”. I will definitely enjoy my next coffee there, even more, knowing how much work and love they put in the process of making it.

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be a coffee expert.


Website: https://thebarn.de

Coffee shops:

  • THE BARN at Café Kranzler  | Kurfürstendamm 18, 10719 Berlin, Germany
  • THE BARN Roastery | Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin
  • THE BARN Café | Auguststrasse 58, 10119 Berlin




What’s in my makeup bag

Make up bag and products

Make up bag with brushes, powder and perfume

Bronzer, Highlighter and eye shadow



Concealer and foundation by MAC



Make up brushes by MAC



Rosie for autograph lipstick


Even though I don’t use a lot of makeup and prefer to keep it natural, there are some products I use on a regular if not daily basis. I used to own a lot of make up, but last year I decided to throw away everything that I didn’t use regulary. So what I’m going to show you are really just my essential products.

I used to use a lot of drug store makeup, I bought something everytime I went to the drug store. Just because it was so affordable. I lowkey hoarded blushes, mascara and eyeshadow ( I had several small containers full of products I never used). As I got older I bought more and more high end products. I never had any real skin problems, so I can’t really say that that was the reason why I ditched drugstore products. For me it was more of a lifestyle change.

Another thing that I recently changed are my eyelashes. As you might have seen on my Instagram I used to have eyelash extentions. Which I loved. They are amazing for vacation and special occasions. I just got really tired of getting them filled up every 3-4 weeks, the worst are the few days before your appointment where you only have a few lashes left and it just looks so weird and ugly. Not to mention that lash extentions are really damn expensive. I paid 55€ every month. So I talked to some friends and one of them told me that she also stopped getting extentions and that she is now using a lash-grow serum. I did some research and ordered the Develle Serum online. I’ve been using it for a month now and I have to say I’m super happy with how much thicker and longer my lashes have become. The serum is quite expensive, but it last’s way longer than the extentions, so for me it was a good deal.


Mascara and lash serum


As I mentioned before I never really had issues with my skin. The only problem I have is that I have super sensitive skin. If it’s cold outside I always get red and puffy. I had the chance to try out some of the Bioderma Sensibio Line, which is made for people who have the same problems as I have, and I have to say I’m super happy with the products. I use the mask about once or twice a week and it really helps reduce redness. Usually I put it on when I get out of the shower and while I dry my hair. Then when I apply my makeup I put on the cream as a primer before putting on my foundation. I don’t really like to apply foundation on “dry” skin, so I always use a primer or a cream. I feel like this gives you an extra glow as well as making your skin more even. Before I got to bed I ALWAYS remove my make up. There is nothing worse than sleeping with make up. It cloggs your pores, breaks your eyelashes and it’s just not hygenic at all. In the past I really had problems with finding a good makeup-remover. Many that I used made my eyes burn or my face red. The Bioderma makeup remover is super gentle and you don’t even have to wash your face afterwards.


Bioderma products

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my make up bag and routine. If you have any questions just commend or write me on Instagram.






Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote the named products. Bioderma send me them to try them out and I only share my opinion.



48 Hours in London

DSC_0653DSC_0655DSC_0662DSC_0668DSC_0676DSC_0682DSC_0689DSC_0694DSC_0723DSC_0803DSC_0808DSC_0831Photo 23.10.17, 12 19 16Photo 23.10.17, 12 19 26 (1)Photo 23.10.17, 12 25 29 (1)DSC_0889Photo 27.10.17, 13 16 37

I was really excited to go on this trip, I had planned it for months. I’ve been to London before, this time was going to be my 10th time in that wonderful city. But this trip was something that I was especially excited about. I’m a huge NFL fan, I’ve been watching games for years, stayed up all night to see my team win and bought a ton of merchandise over the years. So planning my trip to London was something really special. My first American football game. 

We decided in February to go and see the Rams play the Cardinals in Twickenham stadium at the end of October. A good friend, as well as my cousin were gonna join me.

Since I live in Berlin and the airports there are really bad – sorry to say it, but it’s true – I went to Hamburg to catch my flight to London Heathrow there on Saturday morning. My flight was delayed by an hour due to the heavy wind in the London area. I normally would’ve taken the underground but because of the delay, I decided to take the Heathrow Express, which only takes 15 minutes from Heathrow to Paddington, which is right in the centre of London.

At Paddington, I met my friend, who shared the Airbnb with me. We stayed near Kings cross, which was perfect since it’s so close to the centre.

We spend the rest of the day shopping at Oxford Street, which is always really nice since there are so many shops that we don’t have in Germany. I got myself a sweater, as well as some Rosie for Autograph make up. I only travelled with carry-on so I didn’t have much space left in my suitcase.

The day after we went to get breakfast at a coffee shop before heading (yet again) to Oxford Street, this time I bought nothing and we ended up at a sports bar, where we stayed to watch premier league. In the afternoon we went to the Twickenham stadium to see the game. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera and since it was dark I didn’t take good iPhone shots either.

The game was a lot of fun, even though the game wasn’t as thrilling as we expected it to be (the Rams won 33 – 00). It was freezing and I really wished I would’ve brought a scarf and gloves.

My flight back to Hamburg was at 3:30pm the next day, so I still had some time left to stroll around a little more. I went back to Oxford and Bond Street, bought some stuff at VS, had a snack and then went to the airport.

Even though it was a really short trip I still had lots of fun and I already miss this radiant city.


How I edit my Instagram pictures


Photo 11.10.17, 12 30 53 (1)

I almost entirely edit my photos in Lightroom now. But before I decided to put money into my Instagram/Blog I only used free apps for editing. There are so many great apps and tricks that no one tells you about.

How I edit:

First of all, I decide which picture to use, because I usually take 3-10 pictures of the same thing. So when I decided on one picture I mark it as my favorite, so it’s easier to find.

Step 1:    Facetune

Photo 11.10.17, 10 21 15 (1)

Yes, I really use Facetune on MOST of my pictures.

I know that this app is famous for photoshop-like editing on your face and your body. But that’s NOT what I use it for. Facetune has one of the best whitening features in my opinion. Who doesn’t know the feeling when you took an almost perfect picture but something in it (that should be white) is grey or yellowish? This is where I use the whitening feature of the app.

But the whitening tool isn’t the only great thing. There is also a tool called “Details”. This tool brings out only selected details which I prefer over the detailing tools on some other apps that just sharpen the whole picture.

If I have a really colorful picture and I feel like the colors just don’t pop enough, I use the “Glow” tool. In the example I used it on the colorful stripes to make them stand out even more.

Step 2: VSCO

Photo 11.10.17, 10 46 32.jpg

VSCO is my absolutely favorite editing app. I’m sure some of you already use it and/or have heard of it. But there are some great features that not everybody knows.

So after you saved your facetune edits, open the picture in VSCO. The first thing that you will see when you open the app is your “gallery” here you can see your previous edits and all the pictures you added into the app. Open the picture you want to edit, you will see various filters. In my opinion, VSCO has some of the best filters.

My top 5 VSCO filters are: A5, HB1, HB2, NC, OAK2

For my example, I use the A5 filter. In NEVER use the filter on 100%, it’s just too much in my opinion. I usually turn it down to around +4.

Photo 11.10.17, 10 52 16.png

After I decided on a filter I start the “real” editing. I like my pictures a little bit darker, so I normally turn down the exposure and turn up the contrast.

I usually sharpen the image a little bit more, even if I already used the details tool in Facetune. But I try to use the clarity tool as little as possible, if used too much it makes your image look over edited.

As there are some whites and light colors in my example I put up the highlights a bit. I normally do the same with the darks but not in this image as I like how it looks without it.

If you want you can also tint your shadows. VSCO features 6 different colors for both shadows and highlights. I would recommend you to stay away from the highlight tint tough, it’s a little too much in my opinion.


One great thing about VSCO is that you can easily copy and paste your settings. This way you can edit multiple images at once and save A LOT of time.

So there you have it. You don’t need super expensive programs to edit a picture.


Boots, braids and embroidered dresses


I decided to do my first ever outfit post. I do not consider myself a fashion blogger, or even a real blogger, but when I feel really good in an outfit I feel the need to share it on here.

We took these photos on the first day of fall. I just love this season so much, everything starts to get more cozy, the trees turn from green into golden brown and you can finally enjoy all the food and drinks that somehow is only limited to the cold seasons (I’m thinking about hot chocolate, pumpkin bread and all the delicious candy).

I found this dress at Zara, while I was there to buy the boots, which I saw on a previous shopping spree. About a week ago I found a bellsleved dress on Asos (I will probably also make a post with that dress) and now I’m obsessed with dresses, black tights and biker boots.



Meet our puppy Lumos

11 days ago we brought our new puppy home with us, and I haven’t slept much since.

His name is Lumos, yes, named after the Harry Potter spell. He is now 10 weeks old, weighs about 5kg and is a blue merle Australian Shepherd. He loves to play, sleep and chew on things like our couch, the coffee table, the balcony, our hands, and feet as well as his blanket. He has one brown eye and one that is half blue half brown, which is really common in this breed.

He keeps us super busy since he’s not fully potty trained yet. But we are working on it.



A short trip to Milan




Italy – the country of pizza, pasta, and ice cream. How come I’ve never been there?

That’s exactly what I thought when I was looking for short trip ideas. I wanted to escape the usual stress for a while and have some alone time. So I booked a ticket to Milan, found a host on Couchsurfing and went there a few weeks later. It was a really good decision. I met some really nice people and we just had the best time.

On the first day, we went to Lago di Como ( Lake Como), which is roughly an hour away from Milan. The weather was good, so we even went for a swim. Lago di Como was simply amazing – the mountains surrounding the lake were so impressive and the small Italian houses along the lake were just so beautiful. I would definitely recommend going there.

I spend the other two days in the city. I visited the Duomo, the Sforza castle, and the San Siro stadium. I just loved the atmosphere in Milan. I went to see Inter Milan play Hapoel Be’er Sheva in the Europa League for only 10€ (student price) and even though the game wasn’t the best it was still a lot of fun.

One thing that I really liked in Milan was that the city isn’t expensive. I had vegan icecream near the Duomo and it was only 3€ for three scoops. Here in Germany, it’s usually around 1,20€ per scoop and if it’s vegan it’s even more expensive. Also the “aparetivo” thing – you pay for the drink and get the buffet for free. I went to Navigli for having the aparetivo and I paid 10€ for the cocktail + the buffet. The food was super good and the drink was even better.

So if you’re looking for a destination for your next city trip, Milan will be a good choice.