The Australian Shepherd FAQ


Strangers approach me on an almost daily basis and ask about my dog. I’ve heard questions like “what breed is he?”, “will he stay this size?” or “where can I get one?” countless times and if I’d get a dollar for every time someone took a picture of Lumos I’d be rich, well not really rich but you get my point. I figured it was time to answer some of these questions on here.

Everyone, meet my lovely dog Lumos:

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

  • Name: Lumos (von Blue Sansibar)
  • Date of birth: January 26th 2017
  • Breed: Australian Shepherd
  • Color: Blue Merle
  • Hobbies: running, sleeping, chasing other dogs



  • Q: Do all Aussies look like Lumos?

  • A: No, Aussies come in four different colors:


Red Merle Australian Shepherd


Blue Merle Australian Shepherd


Red tri Australian Shepherd

wqe45rProcessed with VSCO with e2 preset


Q: Do Aussies shed a lot?

A: Yes, they are heavy shedders and need to be brushed frequently.

 Q: Is it okay to keep an Aussie in the city?

 A: This is my personal view but Lumos lived in big cities all his life ( first Berlin, now London) and he does not seem to mind. He likes busy areas and tube rides.

Q: Do they need a lot of “outside time”?

A: Lumos enjoys being outside, however he also likes to sleep (all dogs sleep a lot). Some days we only go out for a quick walk around the block and he does not seem to care much on other days we go out for hours and he actually gets tired quite easily.

Q: Is it normal for them to have different colored eyes?

A: Yes, it’s very common for Australian Shepherds to have different colored or even split colored eyes. On Blue Merle they tend to be blue/brown where as on Red Tri and Red Merle they tend to be amber/turquoise. 

heterochromia on Australian Shepherd

Q: Are Aussies good with children and other animals?

A: Lumos is great with kids and other animals, my flatmates have a cat and a newborn and he is very good with both. 

Q: Do they have strong instincts?

A: Lumos has a strong herding instinct, he will try to round up other dogs, kids or people. He does not have a strong hunting instinct, he sometimes chases small birds for fun, however he does not “hunt”.

Q: Are they a healthy breed?

A: Yes, they are relatively healthy for a medium sized breed, however they tend to get bad eyes when they get older.

Q: How heavy do they get?

A: Lumos is small for an Aussie, he’s about 17kg. Normally males are around 23kg and females around 18kg.

Q: Are Australian Shepherds noisy?

A: Lumos hardly barks inside but when we are at the park he barks at other dog in order to get them to move and play with him. This is typical herding behavior for Aussies. He also is quite “talkative” and he will definitely tell you when he is not happy.


I hope this answered most of your questions, if you have any more you can comment below or visit Lumos’ Instagram page (@lumostheaussie).


Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

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