How I edit my Instagram pictures


Photo 11.10.17, 12 30 53 (1)

I almost entirely edit my photos in Lightroom now. But before I decided to put money into my Instagram/Blog I only used free apps for editing. There are so many great apps and tricks that no one tells you about.

How I edit:

First of all, I decide which picture to use, because I usually take 3-10 pictures of the same thing. So when I decided on one picture I mark it as my favorite, so it’s easier to find.

Step 1:    Facetune

Photo 11.10.17, 10 21 15 (1)

Yes, I really use Facetune on MOST of my pictures.

I know that this app is famous for photoshop-like editing on your face and your body. But that’s NOT what I use it for. Facetune has one of the best whitening features in my opinion. Who doesn’t know the feeling when you took an almost perfect picture but something in it (that should be white) is grey or yellowish? This is where I use the whitening feature of the app.

But the whitening tool isn’t the only great thing. There is also a tool called “Details”. This tool brings out only selected details which I prefer over the detailing tools on some other apps that just sharpen the whole picture.

If I have a really colorful picture and I feel like the colors just don’t pop enough, I use the “Glow” tool. In the example I used it on the colorful stripes to make them stand out even more.

Step 2: VSCO

Photo 11.10.17, 10 46 32.jpg

VSCO is my absolutely favorite editing app. I’m sure some of you already use it and/or have heard of it. But there are some great features that not everybody knows.

So after you saved your facetune edits, open the picture in VSCO. The first thing that you will see when you open the app is your “gallery” here you can see your previous edits and all the pictures you added into the app. Open the picture you want to edit, you will see various filters. In my opinion, VSCO has some of the best filters.

My top 5 VSCO filters are: A5, HB1, HB2, NC, OAK2

For my example, I use the A5 filter. In NEVER use the filter on 100%, it’s just too much in my opinion. I usually turn it down to around +4.

Photo 11.10.17, 10 52 16.png

After I decided on a filter I start the “real” editing. I like my pictures a little bit darker, so I normally turn down the exposure and turn up the contrast.

I usually sharpen the image a little bit more, even if I already used the details tool in Facetune. But I try to use the clarity tool as little as possible, if used too much it makes your image look over edited.

As there are some whites and light colors in my example I put up the highlights a bit. I normally do the same with the darks but not in this image as I like how it looks without it.

If you want you can also tint your shadows. VSCO features 6 different colors for both shadows and highlights. I would recommend you to stay away from the highlight tint tough, it’s a little too much in my opinion.


One great thing about VSCO is that you can easily copy and paste your settings. This way you can edit multiple images at once and save A LOT of time.

So there you have it. You don’t need super expensive programs to edit a picture.


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