My Handbag Favorites | August

BeFunky Design

pictures via Pinterest

I love handbags, they’re just the perfect accessory. 

I personally own quite a few, and all of them are vegan. Most stores like H&M, Zara or Asos sell faux leather handbags. Unlike H&M and Zara, Asos does have a specific search bar for leather/ no leather, which I really like. Most of the bags they sell are non-leather. Even those from brands such as Calvin Klein or Love Moschino.


But also many high fashion designers switched to faux leather during the last years. The best example is Stella McCartney, who doesn’t use any animal products in her designs.

I’ll link some of my favorite faux leather bags below:


Flora Cross

From: Parfois

Price: 29,99€


Elli Shopper

From: Fritzi aus Preußen

Price: 79,95€


From: Love Moschino

Price: about 215€


Duffle Bag

From: Versace

Price: 1099€

Versace - Black Faux Leather Duffle Bag

Falabella Bag

From: Stella McCartney

Price: 530€

Zipper Backpack

From: Yoins

Price: 28,95€

Western Cross

From: Glamorous

Price: 37,99€

Strap Cross

From: Gunas

Price:  66€


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