A trip to Nuremberg



Last week I went to Nuremberg, it was my second time there. I already visited the city when I was a child, even though I don’t really remember it.

For those of you who don’t know, Nuremberg is located in the south of Germany, in the state of Bavaria. Even though it’s in the same state as Munich the two cities share few things. Well, the food is similar, same goes for the beer – but otherwise they are really different. Munich is known for it’s chic and sort of posh people and environment, where as Nuremberg is a lot simpler and more practical than elegant. I certainly do recommend visiting Nuremberg  – the city has many things to offer as it’s really old and has a lot of stories to tell. Around the city are several castles, some are even located within the city. So if you’re into history and old buildings Nuremberg is perfect for you. For shopping however I personally prefer cities such as Munich or Hamburg, the stores are bigger and the shopping streets offer a bigger variety of brands. One thing I really liked in Nuremberg though was the market in the middle of the city – you can buy local, seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as bread, honey or dried fruits. But be sure to look at the little signs telling you where each product is from. During summertime it’s possible to buy many fruits and vegetables such as berries, apples or mushrooms from local farmers, they often taste better and aren’t much more expensive than “foreign” greens. If you drink beer you should definitely stop by a so-called “Biergarten” (beer garden) and enjoy one or more pints. My personal favourite is alcohol free “white” beer mixed with sprite or other lemonade. Sure, they serve these drinks with “normal” beer too, just ask for a “Radler”


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